About Blowtech Group

Blowtech’s history goes back to the 1960’s, however the company in its present form took shape in 1999 when Klas Jansson started a company he christened Blowtech after many years of management in the blow molding industry. Co-owners Rune Johansson and Lennart Norin were involved from the outset as both investors and members of the board of directors and are still there today.

Blowtech grew rapidly and in 2009 made its first grand acquisition; the successful Gnosjoplast was absorbed and Blowtech moved from Varnamo to Gnosjo. In 2012, another large acquisition took place when a Norwegian plant was purchased making the Blowtech Group a Scandinavian industrial concern.

The Blowtech Group is now a Skandinavian industrial concern, with two equal industrial plants, one in Norway and one in Sweden.

Upon the merger with the Norwegian plant, Peter Didriksson, at the time the head of the operations in Norway, became Vice-director for the entire Blowtech Group. Today the group has 110 employees and a turnover of 240million Sek.